Specialist Schools

Pharmacy Supplies and Medicines Support Services for Specialist Schools

Speeds Healthcare have a proven track record of experience and expertise in high volume supply, specialist medicine supply and the delivery of pharmacy services to specialist educational settings. We provide a national distribution and support service and our clients are situated throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

We can manage supplies of medicines to fit with a 36-week academic calendar or full-year residential units. Our specialist Pharmacists are well-versed in providing advice on medicine combinations, including advisory information on unlicensed products that may be seen.

Due to the nature of the educational settings, handling of medicines is often more complex and to support this we can provide evidence-based advice on how medicines should be managed suited to your setup. This will be provided with the consideration of all your regulator’s expected requirements. If preferred, we can provide training sessions in medicines management bespoke to your needs.

Intelligent solutions to help reduce costs and reduce risk for residents.

Our electronic MAR solution allows paper-free records, supported by the use of modern handheld touch-screen devices.  Click below for further information on this solution and how you can arrange a demonstration for your team.


We offer specialist support as part of various service levels each available alongside, or independent of, medicines supply.

Ad hoc’ support

We understand that some clients prefer to commission services on a ‘one-off’ basis rather than a commitment to regular support. No problem, be an audit, training, or any other of our services, rest assured that the service provided will be of highest standard and delivered in a way that suits you.

Rapid Response Team

Occasionally the first contact we have with an organisation is as a result of an adverse inspection by CQC or another regulator that could jeopardise on-going registration. Our Rapid Response Team has been set up to assist organisations in circumstances where an immediate and intensive intervention is urgently required to support medicines management.

Assurance Programme

Designed to deliver the highest level of assurance regarding the reduction of medication risk and promotion of on-going quality practice. Partners joining our Assurance Programme initially undergo a comprehensive diagnostic that identifies all risks related to medicines management. From this risk matrix we devise a personalised Assurance Pathway that implements necessary solutions for rapid improvement and then matures to a maintenance level of longer term support.  A feature of the pathway is that the amount of support is variable, stepping down to a maintenance level once improvements have been attained

The Assurance Programme encompasses a multitude of services from our on-site clinical pharmacy specialists, such as: training, audit and governance. Each Pathway is underpinned with periodic re-audits, to ensure that the pathway changes to reflect changing and progressive needs.

Medicines Management Portfolio

Our Medicines Management Portfolio is a portfolio of pre-defined service input levels that enables organisations to commission a fixed level of support services on an annual basis at a fixed price. Particularly suits those partners who have a clear understanding of what input they wish to receive.

The Portfolio ranges from a Bronze package, enabling telephone access to a specialist team, to Platinum levels that see our pharmacy specialists imbedded frequently as part of your core team.


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