Pharmaceutical Companies

Specialist Distribution Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Speeds Healthcare has a proven track record of experience and expertise in high volume supply, the supply of specialist medicines, and the provision of specialist clinical pharmacy services. We provide a national distribution and support service and our clients are situated throughout England, Scotland and Wales. As a licensed pharmacy and wholesaler, we can support in the supply of medicines to patients, healthcare professionals and associated companies.

We understand that managing sales and distribution of products can be labour-intensive. That’s why we offer a fully-managed distribution service that includes storing our clients’ product, receiving orders, processing payments and controlling distribution to the end user. With our access to clinical expertise, where relevant, we back this up with a medicines information service for those customers who need this specialist support.

For some clients we recognise that you may be looking for a short-term support solution, rather than an all-encompassing logistics package. In this situation, we provide the flexibility to all our clients that services can be commissioned on a one-off or short term basis to suit your acute need.

At Speeds Healthcare we are confident you will see that outsourcing your order management delivers you real efficiency and cost-savings, leaving you more time to focus elsewhere on your business.

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