Support and Advice Hotline

Our specialist team at Speeds Healthcare have been supporting hospitals and care homes situated across England, Scotland or Wales since our inception. We do this by either placing our specialist staff on-site at your facility and/or by providing support remotely via our hotline numbers.

You can’t beat having a specialist pharmacist on-site to resolve your problems, however, sometimes all you need is the ability to contact a specialist to resolve a specific issue in a timely fashion. That’s why we have set up our information and advice hotlines for clients with a dedicated medicines information contact number. Staffed by our clinical pharmacists we routinely provide advice in relation to the handling and management of medicines encompassing: compliance with laws & professional guidance, best practice on medicines handling, regulatory standards of quality & safety. We also provide advice and information regarding the availability, suitability, stability, price, dosage form, adverse effects, and possible interactions of medicines.

Furthermore, to ensure we’re available when clinical teams need us, our specialist pharmacists provide an emergency-duty on-call pharmacist service. This means your teams can have confidence that they can contact a clinical pharmacist until 10pm every day of the year.

Whether it’s a query on the fridge going out of temperature range or, a discussion over an unlicensed medicine for your patient, we have the knowledge and confidence to fully support your team.

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