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Speeds Healthcare are a proud provider of NHS services.

You can find further information about our NHS services in our practice leaflet.

NHS Prescription Dispensing                   

We offer a complete pharmacy solution which includes NHS prescription dispensing.

If you’d like your NHS prescription dispensed by us, you can ask your GP practice. They may ask for a code for our pharmacy – this is FDP63. Please contact our dispensary team on 01244 906111 to tell them to expect your prescription.

Storage of Medicines

It is important that you store medicines correctly.  If medicines are not stored correctly they may not work properly.

Many medicines need to be stored at room temperature which means below 25°C.  When storing medicines at home try and avoid storing medicines in kitchens or bathrooms due to changes in temperature and humidity.

Medicines should be stored:

  • Out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources
  • Out of the sight and reach of children and vulnerable persons

Medicines that need to be stored in a fridge should be stored between 2°C and 8°C.   Some medicines can be stored out of the fridge once the pack is opened.

Expiry Dates

Medicines, like foods, have expiry dates after which they should not be used.  Once a medicine has reached it’s expiry date you need to stop using it and start a new supply.  Any remaining medicine should be returned to pharmacy.

Return of Medicines

Medicines that are no longer required or that have reached their expiry date should be returned to a community pharmacy.  If you want to return waste medicines to us please contact the pharmacy team on 01244 906111.

When medicines are returned to a community pharmacy we make sure they are disposed of correctly.  It is particularly important that you return inhaler devices.  Many inhalers still use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs or ‘F’-gases’) as propellants and these contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.  If inhalers are disposed of in domestic waste they can be crushed in the back of a bin lorry and the residual HFCs can be released into the atmosphere.

If you would like to check the registration status of the pharmacy or the superintendent, please click here.

Feedback on our service

If you wish to raise feedback on our service, you can do so by contacting our NHS Complaints Manager, tom.swift@speedshealthcare.co.uk


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