Pharmacy Supplies

Speeds Healthcare is a national provider of outsourced pharmacy solutions to hospitals and specialist care facilities. We specialise in mental health, ophthalmology, and a range of associated healthcare settings.

Our team consists of specialist clinical and mental health pharmacists and pharmacist trainers. We work with our partners throughout the UK to provide them with a fully tailored supply service that meets their needs.  We have a proven track record of experience and expertise in high volume medicines supplies, the supply of specialist mental health medicines, and the provision of clinical pharmacy services to establishments located throughout England, Wales and Scotland.


We routinely stock and supply specialist drugs used within hospital settings as well as a vast range of medicines used to treat more common health conditions. According to the needs and preference of our clients, medicines can be dispensed against prescriptions or supplied as stock medicines via wholesale requisitions.

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NHS PRESCRIPTION DISPENSING                         

We offer a complete pharmacy solution which includes NHS prescription dispensing.

If you’d like your NHS prescription dispensed by us, you can ask your GP practice. They may ask for a code for our pharmacy – this is FDP63. Please contact our dispensary team on 01244 906111 to tell them to expect your prescription.

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We will work with your care home team to improve their ownership of medicines management and support with training where necessary, leading to a more beneficial outcome for your residents. We will work with your GP’s to synchronise your medicines into an appropriate 28-day medication cycle, ensuring the minimal wastage of medicines.

Where required, we will perform assessments of your medicines management practices and audit trail; this will identify relevant actions that can support best practice which can then be related to practice in a team training session. This approach supports care homes to satisfy their regulatory requirements and empowers the team.

Our service, coupled with a great team of clinical Pharmacists, can truly reduce risks and improve outcomes for your residents. Our key objective is to support the underpinning structure of systems and processes so that you can release more time towards the wellbeing of your residents.


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