Ophthalmic Hospitals

Speeds Healthcare are a national provider of medicines and medical supplies to ophthalmic hospitals and clinics, ranging from large groups to individual surgical centres. We routinely stock and supply the specialist drugs used in ophthalmology and have a proven track record of experience and expertise.

We provide pharmacists with a special interest in ophthalmology for on-site support to hospitals and clinics. The pharmacists will conduct medicines management audits and advise on the safest processing and handling of medicines at each stage of your care pathway whether by PSD or PGD. We conduct pre-CQC registration audits for medicines management in new hospitals and ongoing periodic inspections for existing establishments.

We know that independent ophthalmic clinics are busy environments and operate within stringent legislative and operational processes. As a consultative partner, Speeds Healthcare will support you to review the structure and process of your medicines management systems as well as policies, procedures and administration protocol documents, ensuring they adhere to current legislation and best practice. We can even help you create a portfolio of suitable medicines policies and procedures in readiness for service delivery.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you in saving time and costs in relation to procurement, and medicines management, whilst reducing risk and improving outcomes for your service.

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