Regulatory Compliance

We work to assure hospitals and care homes of compliance with all aspects of medicines management and regulatory standards and offer tailored support and clear action plans to ensure this is achieved.  Our specialist pharmacists will provide advice and support to ensure the safe and effective management of medicines and compliance with CQC, HIW, CSSIW, HIS, CI and Ofsted.

We provide an independent assessment of regulatory compliance through our audits. We can even provide an unannounced mock inspection at your facility with a comprehensive report with findings which are evidenced, together with recommendations and a clear action plan for improvement. For additional reassurance, we can support clients on-site during inspections from regulators.

For clients who identify an acute need for support, perhaps when regulators are due imminently, we offer immediate support in the form of our Rapid Response Team. This comprises a team of specialist pharmacists, technicians and associated support staff who are trained to rectify issues in as short a time frame as possible.

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