Medicines Information Service

Our specialist pharmacy team will support you in all aspects of medicines information as well as guidance on medicines handling practices. If you are one of our clients and looking for advice, our team will provide you with a response to your query in an informative and evidence-based manner.

We provide all our clients with a dedicated Medicines Information telephone number and furthermore, you’ll have access to our specialist clinical pharmacists for help and advice out-of-hours until 10.00pm every day of the year.

Staffed by our clinical pharmacists we routinely provide advice and information regarding the availability, suitability, stability, dosage form, adverse effects, and possible interactions of medicines. It may be that your refrigerator has malfunctioned overnight, your patient wants their medicines mixed in their yoghurt, or you simply want prescribing advice. Whatever the medicines related query may be, our specialist Pharmacists can support you in making an informed decision.

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