Speeds partners with Movianto to offer new improved delivery service

We have partnered with a specialist pharmaceutical courier Movianto to offer our customers a new improved delivery service.  Movianto have a national reach with an overnight service. As a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler, the choice of Movianto supports our requirement to uphold Good Distribution Practice (GDP) in the distribution of our wholesale medicine orders to you.

Movianto will begin to undertake deliveries of our controlled-temperature shipments using specialised pharmaceutical delivery vans. You can be confident that refrigerated medicines leaving our premises will be continuously temperature maintained at 2-8˚C until the delivery arrives with you. This will mean we will no longer routinely use refrigerated shipping boxes that contain frozen chill packs.

Avoiding the use of once-only gel packs contributes towards a more positive environmental impact, though for business resilience we may, occasionally, resort to utilising refrigerated shipping boxes containing ice packs, but this would be exceptional.

The new service enables us to provide greater control and reliability over refrigerated deliveries.

Cold chain deliveries will arrive in Speeds branded boxes and are immediately visually identifiable with blue sealing tape and large format advisory label. UPON RECEIPT, THESE BOXES MUST BE IMMEDIATELY TRANSFERRED TO THE FRIDGE

If not refrigerated immediately, the contents could be spoiled.

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