Speeds Care Home Pharmacy

We offer care homes a complete pharmacy solution to achieve efficiency in medicines supplies and excellence in their medicines management.

We will work with your care home team to improve their ownership of medicines management and support with training where necessary, leading to a more beneficial outcome for your residents. We will work with your GP’s to synchronise your medicines into an appropriate 28-day medication cycle, ensuring the minimal wastage of medicines.

Where required, we will perform assessments of your medicines management practices and audit trail; this will identify relevant actions that can support best practice which can then be related to practice in a team training session. This approach supports care homes to satisfy their regulatory requirements and empowers the team.

Our service, coupled with a great team of clinical Pharmacists, can truly reduce risks and improve outcomes for your residents. Our key objective is to support the underpinning structure of systems and processes so that you can release more time towards the wellbeing of your residents.


Medicines supplied according to your needs…

We offer many type of dispensing at Speeds Care Home Pharmacy.  Whether you’re looking for an MDS solution, or prefer the flexibility of original packs we will match our dispensing to meet your needs and wishes.

All dispensed orders are accompanied by clear medicine administration (MAR) charts as standard, an example of which can be viewed HEREOther MAR chart designs are also available from us.

For further information on information available with your supplies and returns from us, please click here.

For those care homes that are looking to save even more time and reduce medicines administration risk further, we provide an electronic MAR solution, allowing paper-free records, supported by the use of intelligent handheld touch-screen devices.  Click HERE for further information on this solution and how you can arrange a demonstration for your team.

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