Waste Minimisation

The NHS is estimated to lose around £300 million each year on medicines not being taken and wasted. The problem is mirrored across private healthcare organisations.

Our clinical pharmacists have wide experience of working within independent healthcare on all aspects of medicines management including the area of medicines’ waste minimisation. We will work with your organisation to quantify current wastage, diagnose where in the medicines management chain problems are occurring, develop solutions, and implement them to ensure that the potential for wastage is minimised.

We can comprehensively review prescribing practices, medicines ordering, medicines storage, administration practices, and patient concordance.  Our range of solutions encompass: training in medicines handling, revision of policies and procedures, prescribing support for prescribers, and engagement with patients to name just a few.

We offer these sought-after services in the knowledge that the most expensive medicine is the one that is never taken…

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