Mergers, Administrations & Insolvency

We work with banks and administrative partners to reduce inherent risks around medicines management when presenting a company for sale. Whether a company is presented for acquisition, merger or forced into administration, our overriding aim is to identify the risks and mitigate them via remedial actions.  We understand in these situations that the aim is to improve the outward image of the company and reduce corporate risks for any prospective owner.

We will approach support in a way that suits the administrative timescale. Some arrangements require us to very quickly identify the risks and rectify them; for this we call on our Rapid Response Team. For those arrangements that afford a little more time, we will support them with a structured Assurance Pathway once we’ve completed a baseline assessment of requirements.

Whether it is a single site, or a group approach, we’ll work with you to present excellence in your medicines management.

Rapid Response Team

Occasionally the first contact we have with an organisation is as a result of an adverse inspection by CQC or another regulator that could jeopardise on-going registration. Our Rapid Response Team has been set up to assist organisations in circumstances where an immediate and intensive intervention is urgently required to support medicines management.

Assurance Programme

Designed to deliver the highest level of assurance regarding the reduction of medication risk and promotion of on-going quality practice. Partners joining our Assurance Programme initially undergo a comprehensive diagnostic that identifies all risks related to medicines management. From this risk matrix we devise a personalised Assurance Pathway that implements necessary solutions for rapid improvement and then matures to a maintenance level of longer term support.  A feature of the pathway is that the amount of support is variable, stepping down to a maintenance level once improvements have been attained.

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