Lorazepam (Ativan®) 4mg/mL Injection Shortage

As you will be aware Pfizer pharmaceuticals have been unable to supply Ativan amps for some months.  Our existing stock will be exhausted shortly.  There is currently no indicative date for when the UK stock will be available again. 

Please click HERE for our overview memo which provides an explanation of the situation and provides summarised guidance on key treatment options available.

The original update from the Department of Health & Social Care can be found HERE which details two alternative products, as well as the original UKMI release HERE (updated October 2020).

  1. Carpuject – this was originally cited as a solution to the shortage, however this is different strength to Ativan and presents additional risks.  The Canadian product below has superceded this as the preferred choice
  2. Lorazepam USP – this is available but supplies are understandably restricted.  Further information on the key differences between Ativan and this Canadian import can also be found HERE

For any further guidance please call our Medicines Information Hotline on 01244 906 222 or speak to your ward pharmacist.

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